Switch or replace your device for any reason or replace its screen

Broken? Or simply wanting a change? Gadget Xchange provides you the flexibility to switch your device to any brand, any color for any reason anytime. No questions asked!

If the screen is broken, you may also choose to replace your cracked screen.

Start a request

Here's how it works:

Simply submit your request to switch or replace your device or replace the device screen through our website. Just take your pick and we'll deliver it to your doorstep, and exchange your device in any condition, giving you convenience and more choices.

Make the switch in just a few easy steps

We'll keep you connected in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way possible.

Two arrows around a device that shows how the switch process allows users to always have a device.

Select a service

Select the service you would like to request - Device Switch, Device Replacement, or Screen Replacement

A finger selecting an option on a keyboard.

Choose your preferred device

You have the flexibility to choose your preferred device, ranging from Identical device to Like-for-Like (same model, different color) or even Like-for-Similar devices (different model and brand). Terms apply.

Punctuation marks above a device to describe a state of a device.

State of current device

Provide some basic details on the current condition of your device.

A pin point on a location that explains that we deliver the device where customers ask us to.

Delivery details

Provide a residential or office address for the device to be sent to you.

An invoice with a dollar that shows how much customers need to pay.

Payment details

Enter your credit card details or select bank transfer. Device Switch/Replace is subject to Service Fees, while Screen Replacement is a complimentary service provided as part of the Gadget Xchange service plan.

At bolttech, we offer two simple choices for you to make a switch:

Phone repairing with a screw driver.

Screen Replacement

Damaged? Cracked? Turned yellow? Black spots? No problem! We will replace your screen for any reason.

Frequently asked questions

Globe Gadget Xchange is a fast and easy 'no-questions asked' device switch, replacement and screen replacement service plan. It provides you with the option to change or replace your existing device to an identical or similar model, or different brand, color and model, plus the flexibility to replace your device screen.
This service is open to all Globe postpaid customers including Globe Platinum customers. To enrol, you will need to:
  • Purchase a new mobile phone from Globe stores or Globe online stores with a Globe postpaid plan
  • Add on the Globe Gadget Xchange
Globe Gadget Xchange service is provided by bolttech and the benefits include:

Device Switch
You can switch your mobile device for a Like-for-Identical, Like-for-Like or Like-for-Similar device for any reason anytime. Simply request for a Switch and we'll deliver your preferred selection to you in exchange for the existing enrolled device.

Device Replacement
You can get a replacement device for your enrolled device (which is no longer in your possession). No questions asked, and no report is required for the replacement.

Screen Replacement
Your enrolled device will be entitled to a complimentary screen replacement if you choose to repair it.
The service contract is on a monthly contract term and will be renewed automatically on a monthly basis for up to a maximum of 48 months.
There are 2 types of fees:

Product Fee - This is the Globe Gadget Xchange service plan fee paid through the Globe Postpaid bill

Switch or Replacement Service Fee - Service fee payable when requesting for a Switch or Replacement service. The payment is payable to Globe Gadget Xchange service provider, bolttech.

Screen Replacement Service Fee - This is a complimentary benefit provided by bolttech for Globe Gadget Xchange at no charge.
Globe Gadget Xchange service plan fee varies in accordance with the service contract term & device recommended retail price at Globe (following the device purchase date). Kindly refer to the pricing table below.

Device RRP (PHP)
0 - 7,5007,501 - 20,00020,001 - 30,00030,001 - 60,00060,001 - 110,000Samsung 'Flip' DevicesSamsung 'Fold' Devices
Monthly Product Fee89199339499499499499
Screen Replacement Product FeeWaived

*All Globe Gadget Xchange service plan fees are in Philippines Peso, and inclusive of 12% VAT.
Please refer to the table below:

Device RRP (PHP)
0 - 7,5007,501 - 20,00020,001 - 30,00030,001 - 60,00060,001 - 110,000Samsung Flip DevicesSamsung Fold Devices
Screen Replacement Service FeeWaived
Device Switch Service Fee7501,5003,0004,0004,0004,0004,000
Device Replacement Service Fee2,2005,0009,00016,00028,00018,00033,000

*All Globe Gadget Xchange service fees are in Philippines Peso, and inclusive of 12% VAT.
Payment shall be made to bolttech, our partnering service provider, through the Globe Gadget Xchange service portal
You can enroll to Globe Gadget Xchange at any Globe stores and, Globe participating partner stores.
You may file a request through to Globe Gadget Xchange service portal at Gadget Xchange service portal and log in with your registered Globe phone number or email address.
Our online service portal is available 24/7.
You are entitled to 2 service requests for either Switch or Replacement plus 1 additional service request for Screen Replacement within every rolling 12 months from the date of enrollment.
Service requests can be made anytime for any reason. No questions asked.
Switches your existing device with an identical model, i.e. same brand, model and color.

Provides switch like-for-like device with different color of the same brand and model, and we'll switch your device for you, i.e. same brand and model, memory but of different color.

When you simply want a change. You may choose other predefined models that were launched at the same time as your existing device and at the same price.

Model and color options are subject to availability and will be reflected in the Globe Gadget Xchange service portal when you make a service request.
No, our like-for-similar option only allows you to select devices within the same generation and price range.
The Globe Gadget Xchange device will be a 'like new' device, which means that:
  • The device may be refurbished (containing OEM or non-OEM parts)
  • It is not provided in the OEM’s packaging
  • It will be provided in a 'Not for Resale' packaging; and
  • Only the device will be provided and does not include any device accessories (device accessories means any equipment or anything that is either provided by the OEM in the box with the device or sold separately to be used with the device).
  1. Check if the existing device you would like to Switch or Replace is registered with Globe.
  2. Turn off 'Find My iPhone' or a similar security lock, then pay the Switch or Replacement service fee and input your delivery address.
  3. Back up or delete phone data including images, videos and contacts, etc.
  4. When the courier delivers the Switch or Replacement device, please present your government-issued ID card to receive it and exchange by handing over your existing device to the courier.
  5. If you requested for a Replacement device, you do not need to hand over your existing device.
The device cannot be changed except for:
  • The change was made following your receipt of Globe Gadget Xchange Switch or Replacement device through a service request; or
  • The exchange of your device is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty provided by the OEM or bolttech. For such changes, please inform us via our Globe Gadget Xchange call center or walk in to any Globe stores. Proof of exchange will be required for OEM warranty changes.